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tv   Around the World  CNN  March 13, 2013 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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you are looking at live pictures right now of the chimney over the sistine chapel. we are entering a key time period where it is possible we could see some smoke. please stay with us. the whole world is watching, which is why it's perfect to go "around the world" with fredricka whitfield and michael holmes. starts right now. thanks so much, john. welcome to "around the world." >> let's begin in rome, shall we? >> let's go there. vatican city day two of the conclave. we're closely watching the chimney on the roof of the sistine chapel. >> earlier this morning we saw black smoke. of course by now everyone knows that means the cardinals failed to elect a new pontiff. >> we're keeping a close watch on that in rome. meantime, here in the u.s. this just in, police are searching for a shooter in upstate new york after four people were killed and two others wounded.
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>> these shootings happened at two different locations. herkimer, we have no other details at this time on the circumstances of the shooting, but we will bring them to you as we get them. all right. let's return now to our top story, day two of the conclave. 115 cardinals gathering at the sistine chapel to elect a new pope. >> the show goes on. so far we've had three votes done, two today. the second round of balloting for this day is happening right now. >> earlier today we saw black smoke rise from the chimney. we could have yet another signal within the hour. what color will it be? >> everybody's waiting for that. this of course all happening in vatican city. crowds braving the elements in st. peter's square in hopes of witnessing an historic moment. >> it's been very rainy but people don't care. they are hoping to be doused with the memory of history making right there in vatican
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city. there are thousands of journalists there as well as the thousands of folk who is have turned out. we've got our own cnn team there of course. >> yeah. chris cuomo, anderson cooper, vatican analyst and there are thousands there in vatican city. chris -- good to have you back, john, on cnn international the weather was so bad we lost him three times. let's start with the disappointment when the black smoke rose this morning. what's the feeling? no one knows what's going on and the black smoke not really a surprise. >> we don't know. there's such heavy expectations for what the world wants to see from the catholic church. we weren't surprised because we have john allen and we knew that it's very unusual, but this vote is the one that brought us benedict in the last conclave. that's why we're watching especially right now because we believe they're about three quarters of the way through their first vote. so if there's any smoke right now, it would have to be white
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because they only burn ballots after two unsuccessful votes. that's why we're a bit on edge here. >> you look at the crowd in st. peter's square, not a huge crowd by standards we've seen in the past or even yesterday, but remember it is pouring with rain here. it is really miserable out. it is cold. these people have been waiting for a long time because they know this afternoon's session there's a very real possibility of seeing a pope elected and they want to be there to witness that. >> absolutely. what i remember guys is eight years ago we were sitting here after the inconclusive ballot in the morning and talking about a divided conclave and how we could be here for days and that afternoon white smoke and we had a pope. that's why i think the crowd you're talking about is on pins and needles. we knew coming into this conclave it was a wide open race, there were a number of race candidates. it's not a stunner if we're here a couple more days. on the other hand everybody remembers this was the magic
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ballot eight years ago. so there is a climate of anticipation right now. >> it's also interesting. we got a little reporting that as the conclave goes on and a cardinal's name starts to rise up in the balloting, they get approached by other cardinals and asked relevant questions of the time. that cardinal has to make a very delicate judgment about how much to go forward and how much to retire and -- these holy man can show ambition, right? >> based upon the reports we were able to reconstruct after the fact, cardinal ratszinger, you have four hours to realize you're on the precipice of the papacy. he knew there was a very real
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possibility, but when they filed back in the sistine chapel within an hour or hour and a half he was going to become the pope of the catholic church. >> once it becomes clearer from your reporting and talking to cardinals in past votes, once the trend becomes clear and they are closer, then more cardinals sign on because they want to be part of it. >> well, they want to be part of it and they also want to send a signal of unity behind the new pope. in other words, as long as the race is open, then you can put your vote with the candidate you think ought to be elected. but when it becomes clear when a certain man is very likely to emerge, then everyone wants to signal. but whatever their initial desires may have been, they will stand four square behind the new pope. our understanding is that on that last ballot, that first afternoon ballot in 2005, there were 117 electors, he got 104 or 105 votes precisely for the reason you're suggesting. >> and talking about the divisions going into this conclave and not as clear front
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runner like there was last time, there is a desire among these cardinals as you said to show a sense of unity, to not have this drag on for more than a week, for weeks and weeks. >> one thing of course they've -- march 24th begins holy week. they want to have it done before then. but the other part is they don't want to send an image of division and unity and paralysis of in-fighting to the world. there is tremendous pressure on these 115 cardinals to try to wrap this up as quickly as they can. that said of course they're also aware of how momentous the choice is and they want to get it right. >> and unusual negative reaction to this pope, if this pope doesn't come forward and either by biography or by his own first speech, first couple of moments backup this expectation of change, right? >> yeah. i think particularly when it comes to the idea that this is going to be a break from business as usual, that somehow this new pope is going to take
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the church in a different direction. that's why the initial moments beginning when he steps out on the balcony at st. peter's square and delivers his first set of remarks to the people in the square and the next few days leading up to hiss inaugural mass, those will all be scrutinized. but the massive expectations and changes built up, i think those early moments when you have a chance to define who you're going to be are going to be especially crucial. >> as soon as they get the votes and the votes are announced inside that conclave and the pope himself -- the future pope willing to become the pope also asked to what name he is going to take. so all of these men have given it some consideration because they have a name ready to give. >> yeah. what happens obviously inside the conclave, once you cross the 50% threshold, you've got that support, you know this is a real possibility. so obviously you begin thinking about it. just for our viewers we should
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set the stage. what will happen is that once somebody crosses that magic threshold of 77 votes out of 115, the senior cardinal bishop, an italian, will stand up and approach that man and ask two faithful questions, one, do you accept your election as the supreme pontiff? from the moment that man says yes, he becomes pope of the catholic church. second, he will ask by what name will you be called? and obviously you've had some time at that stage to answer that question. and from that moment on even though there are a lot of formalities to be seen, from that moment on the full burden of this office rests squarely in your hands. >> an individual cardinal will use? >> sure. obviously it's like the election of a president or prime minister. we're looking for clues as to what kind of man they're going to be. so we will attach significance to the selection of the name.
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>> i can't keep my eyes off the chimney. keep looking at the chimney because we are right at that moment now. this vote has to be wrapping up right now at this time. about 5:10 local time. we know they're taking about an hour. if this vote were successful, we should be seeing smoke imminently. for meanwhile back to you in the studio. >> all right. chris, yeah, we could listen to you all day too. we're sitting here fascinated by the discussion. we'll check-in with you later. >> excellent. so here's a look at other stories we're following around the world for you. first it was thick dark smoke, now there are dead pigs in the river that supplies the drinking water. we're talking about china, and the government says that's okay. >> thousands of them too. plus, if you had to leave your home, what's the one thing you would take with you? we'll tell you what some syrians wouldn't live without. and the movie "argo" was a hit here in the u.s., but that's not the case in iran.
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world." here are some of the stories we're following. in san francisco muslim groups were very angry about these ads appearing on the sides of city buses. >> yeah, they feature pictures. and as you saw there inflammatory quotes of known islamic ek treemists including osama bin laden. those ads were paid for by an anti-muslim group and look just like a series of ads bought by a pro-muslim group earlier this year. >> some calling the images racist and hateful. britain's queen elizabeth canceled all public appearances planned for the day and tomorrow. that raises public concerns about her health. >> the queen spent a few days in london in a hospital this month with a stomach bug. apparently she isn't quite back "in the pink" that's what they say. she will work from home at buckingham palace for the rest of the week. >> she will turn 87 next month. weather conditions across europe looking a little better today, but snow and ice still bogging down travel across the region. >> oh, boy.
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a ereuro star train running but travel times longer than usual. >> frankfurt airport, a major hub for flights from the u.s. all around europe as well, that's back open after being closed for several hours on tuesday about hundreds of flights in fact were canceled. 6,000 dead rotting pigs are floating in the river. >> yeah. just picture this. this is a river that actually flows right through the center of shanghai. of course major commercial hub of china. how they got there is still a mystery. >> and while chinese officials try to get to the bottom of it, they claim the water actually is fine. no pollution has been found. >> yeah, but people who use and drink that water, yes, it's drinking water supplies, they're not buying it. >> this river leads into shanghai, it's a busy shipping lane but also one of the main sources of water for the some 23
9:17 am
million residents of the city in china. and those residents have been very nervous in recent days. i'm standing on just a pile of junk trash next to the river. there's always pollution problems here, but what's really disturbing in the last few days there have been pigs, thousands of dead pigs, floating on this river. they've been fetched out by the authorities and people asking questions how did this happen? there were dead pigs all around. this man says of course we are worried. but what can you do about it? it's water we have to drink and use. despite authorities saying that they've tested the water and there's nothing wrong with it, people here don't know wlo to trust because of all the food safety issues in china and the water pollution scandal. we've just been here a few moments and already we found a dead pig lying in the water. they don't know exactly what this is from, but authorities believe it could be pork swine
9:18 am
virus that affects pigs. as urban middle class grows, they worry can authorities keep up with the demands and keep people safe when disease strikes? cnn, shanghai. >> i think we just spoiled a lot of people's lunch. >> lunches, yeah, here in the u.s., absolutely. if it's not pollution, it's pigs. when we come back, we'll talk about a movie that won an oscar for best picture here in the united states. >> but the movie, "argo," isn't so popular over in iran. officials are calling it a hoax of hollywood. and they plan to sue. for your first day? yeah. ♪ dad: you'll be fine, ok? girl: ok. dad: you look so pretty. ♪ i'm overprotective. that's why i got a subaru.
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of course the world anxiously waiting for any indication of a new pope. >> that's right. one big indication would be chimney coming out of that smoke and it would be white if there were a decision above the sistine chapel, there could be another release of smoke however a little bit later in this hour. >> yeah. it could happen shortly. this is the first vote of the afternoon. white smoke means the cardinals have elected a new pope. black smoke means it was inconclusive. >> either way we'll bring it to you live as it happens. all right, the movie "argo," did you see it? >> oh, yes. absolutely. i liked it. >> everyone liked it. everyone saw it it seems. apparently it may have won a whole lot of awards, but it's not necessarily a big hit overseas, particularly with the government of iran. >> yeah. we're talking about iran. >> asking you to trust me with
9:23 am
your lives. this is what i do -- >> "argo" is based on a real life cia operation that rescued six americans during the iranian hostage crisis. >> the iranian government had always been angry about the movie saying it's inaccurate and makes the country look bad. here comes the lawyers. and here comes the lawsuit. >> of course. let's go live to new york now where "showbiz tonight" a.j. hammer is on the entertainment beat today. a.j., can a country sue hollywood because it doesn't like a movie? >> well, michael, fred, as you know we know these days you can sue just about anyone for anything, but it is unclear if they can win a lawsuit in any internationally respected court. we'll have to see if this becomes a real legal case or just some kind of publicity stunt. now, this news is coming out of a conference in iran called the hoax of hollywood where "argo" is officially screened for probably the first time in iran. but the back story here actually sounds like a plot to a movie in its own right. now, according to iranian
9:24 am
state-run television, the attorney that they've hired is a french lawyer who represents married convicted terrorist carlos the jacyl. >> one in particular if there's one thing that upsets the ir iranian government about "argo," what is it? >> the iranian government has been upset with the film ever since it opened saying "argo" is a far cry from a balanced narration and complete with historical inaccuracies and distortions. i want to read how the official ie yan yan news agency put the complaint. i iranphobic describes as emotional, irrational, insane and diabolical while at the same the cia agents are represented as heroically patriotic.
9:25 am
they don't understand the divide between hollywood and the u.s. government and seeing "argo" is some type of propaganda and we know that was likely exacerbated when michelle obama personally announced "argo" for the best picture. >> that did raise eyebrows and iranians talking about making a movie of their own. we'll see what happens with that. good to see you, a.j. thanks. >> you got it. again, no new pope yet, but we could see smoke signaling some sort of decision or lack thereof somewhere in this hour. >> we're watching. we're live next in rome. and reminder if you watch cnn's new show "the lead with jake tapper" starts monday afternoon. >> it's 4:00 eastern if you're here in the united states. we'll be right back. [ nyquil bottle ] hey tylenol, you know we're kinda like twins. [ tylenol bottle ] we are?
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welcome back. let's go back to our top story. >> yeah. all eyes on vatican city of course. 115 cardinals meeting to decide
9:29 am
on a new pope. >> it will take 77 in order to make a decision on the person who will be chosen to be the new pope. they have resumed this afternoon's session, that is the voting process. >> yeah. two votes in the afternoon, two in the morning. let's bring in chris cuomo, also anderson cooper heading up our coverage and john allen who i still think is a dark horse to be picked. chris, over to you. >> all right. well, we're doing what we're doing here. we're watching this chimney. we believe that the cardinals finished their first vote. there was no smoke. so now they've moved onto their second vote of the afternoon. they will certainly have to be smoke after this vote is tallied because they burn the ballots after every two unsuccessful votes, right? >> that's right. of course this ratchets up the drama. if we had smoke this time regardless of what it looks like when it came out of the chimney, we would have known it meant a pope because if the result was inconclusive like we have seen, there's no smoke.
9:30 am
this evening we're going to get smoke regardless and not going to know immediately whether it's white or black. remember, remind our viewers, there may be a few moments of uncertainty when that smoke begins to come out. >> heavy burden on anderson cooper because i will wait for him to make a call on the smoke. >> i'll wait for you on that one. let's check in with becky anderson who is near st. peter's square. becky, this rain is certainly not helping anything in terms of getting crowds out, but there are a lot of people there and certainly haven't dampened too many moods. >> reporter: yeah. there are a lot of people out. listen, let's not give up on these guys. they have a tough job on their hands and i think that's what everybody here feels. 115 of them, one will emerge of course as pope. like you said, we're going to keep an eye on that smoke which we would expect now in the next sort of 90 minutes or so. but there are lots and lots of people. every time there's a period at which the smoke may come, you see hordes of people making
9:31 am
their way up to the square. and suddenly you realize that the square has got thousands of people in it. it's remarkable. sort of down time maybe 200 or 300 people away, so there's a real sense of drama here just outside vatican city. and everybody you speak to here says whether they're just tourists, whether they're pilgrims, whether they're of faith or not, they're here for what is this incredible event. many of them say it's an unscheduled event on their tourist itinerary, so pleased they're here and others of course knew exactly why they were coming to rome over the past couple of weeks. hanging on in there. i keep looking over my shoulder. it's quite incredible. you spend hours in the rain looking at a chimney. it sort of feels mass but it's not. we're here for a reason. and we'll keep doing it. guys. >> yeah. certainly the view that we have and the television public has on the television screen is a lot better than the view most people have in st. peter's square
9:32 am
because it's -- the pipe is rather small. the chimney is rather small. >> it certainly looks small on the television screen although it's actually bigger than a human being when you see it being installed. the guys who are putting it in are actually dwarfed by that chimney. when you see it framed on the screen against the majesty of the apostolic palace, it looks small. what's going to happen in the square of course is not everybody has a clear line of sight from the chimney. they will feed off the reaction of others in the square. often when the smoke first starts to come out just on the basis of the hope, the kind of wing and prayer that a pope has been elected, you'll get an initial roar and then a disappointed growl when it becomes clear that that actually hasn't happened. >> and when word circulates throughout not only vatican city but also throughout rome that a pope has been chosen, more and more people will come because there's about 45 minutes to an hour lag between the smoke and we first getting our glimpse of who the pope is. >> that's right. a lot of things happen between that moment when a pope is elected and the smoke comes out and him stepping out on the
9:33 am
balcony. remember, the pope himself has to be bested inside the room of tears, each cardinal has to personally come up and express his loyalty to the new pope. meanwhile the senior cardinal will step out and make the announcement. between that announcement and getting your first glimpse of the new pope, normally as you say half hour to 45 minutes up to an hour, which means lots and lots of romans as the news breaks that there's a new pope will be flooding to the square to be part of history. >> i think we also have to start thinking about, let's say there's black smoke tonight, unsuccessful ballots, it really changes the entire game, right, john? >> well, sure. we were talking earlier today, chris, in a way even though it's wednesday, the super tuesday, the papal race is either the front runners closed the deal or to look like they're never going
9:34 am
to get to the two-thirds threshold so they have to go back to the drawing board so to speak and look for someone else. if there was black smoke tonight, i think it would be reasonable to conclude that no one had overwhelming support that they were a slam dunk which means the stage may be set for a surprise at the end. >> the question becomes who fits the bill. you go to someone completely reintroduced or someone safe so that you don't extend the conclave too much? that's the balance you were talking about earlier. >> and about having a conclave go on too long, it does send a message of disunity which is the last thing a lot of these cardinals want. >> not only do they not want to send a message of disunity, but they don't want the new pope to appear compromised. they don't want him to look like a a pope of one faction, they want to look like a pope who has the entire support. there is tremendous pressure i think these cardinals feel. on the one hand they want to dpet this right and take as long as it takes to get it right and it's worth reminding people
9:35 am
there's no shot clock on a papal election. they will go until somebody gets two-thirds. on the other hand, they also don't quantity to project images of gridlock and paralysis. and they don't want the pope compromised from the git-go. putting those two things together is often very difficult to do in a pressure cooker environment of being inside the sistine chapel. >> you mentioned that all 115 -- or 114 cardinals then pledge allegiance to the new pope. once the pope has become the pope and assumes power, there are still factions that remain? >> oh, sure. look, the vatican is like the white house or downing street, it's the complex of bureaucracy and all different within it. one of the most important things the new pope has to do is to indicate that he is not going to be the pope of one or another of those tribes but to somehow try to be a leader for all. and of course that point doesn't just apply to the vatican. the catholic church on the
9:36 am
ground is often vastly divided. we know that about the 65 million catholics in the united states. you and i both know that on an average day those 65 million catholics couldn't agree on what they -- let alone what direction the church ought to go. the pope has to somehow appeal to all of that wild riot diversity in the church. >> and that diversity not only in the cardinals inside the conclave but out in st. peter's square. people from all around the world who have gathered waiting to see that smoke as we all are. >> you hear these ambulances that are going by us now. there happens to be a hospital right near our position. so they mean no sense of urgency here. other than the obvious urgency that's going on behind us in the sistine chapel right now as we continue to wait between somewhere about 45 minutes to an hour when the next vote will be tallied and then there will be smoke, black or white we don't know, but certainly smoke at the end of the ballot.
9:37 am
as we sit here on smoke watch, head back to atlanta now. >> thank you so much, chris, john and anderson. we'll check back with you. yeah. staying dry i hope too. it's been a miserable day there in rome. yeah. very much so. when we come back, this story is hard to watch. forced out of their homes, syrian refugees are going to show us the prized possessions they chose to take with them. today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol.
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yeah. you're not going to miss a thing. we're continuing to watch the
9:41 am
chimney on top of the sistine chapel there into the fourth vote of the day, two in the morning, two in the afternoon. no smoke from the first vote of the afternoon, which means inconclusive. they're now on to the fourth. either way, this vote we'll see white or black smoke. >> and perhaps the first to sense something happening will be that shot right there. meantime also keeping a close watch on tragedy in upstate new york. aleena cho is with the update. >> we're talking a multiple fatal shooting happened in upstate new york today about 50 miles east of syracuse. herkimer county, new york, six people shot, four of them as you mentioned dead. happened at two different locations. two apparently dead at a car wash. two dead at a barbershop. another two injured also at the barbershop. still trying to determine
9:42 am
whether these two shootings were connected. police have apparently released a photo to our local affiliates. the suspect is being described as 5'11", his name is kurt myers said to have grey hair between 50 and 60 years old and wearing a flannel shirt. a local utica newspaper is reporting that this suspect is currently, as in right now, holed up in a jewelry store. we are still trying to confirm that right at cnn. i can tell you a little bit about this area. it's home to a remington guns factory. and in the wake of this shooting i can also tell you that lots of schools in the area are on lockdown, but just a bit of encouraging news is that one local official said with respect to the school situation that "everything is calm for now." again, multiple fatal shootings. six people shot, four dead, schools on lockdown in herkimer
9:43 am
county, new york. we are watching the story very, very closely, suzanne and michael. we'll have more for you as we get details in. >> thanks so much. appreciate that from new york. just in the last few minutes we got word president obama announcing he intends to dominate debra jones to become the u.s. ambassador to libya. this is according to a press release from the white house. >> very high profile appointment. and surely coming not long after that incident in benghazi involving the consulate there. this position was previously filled by ambassador christopher stevens who was killed. and that was in september of last year in benghazi. you're seeing the videotape from that. but this nomination now being handed over. >> uh-huh. indeed. we'll see what happens with that. meanwhile, president obama is heading to jerusalem this month. and he's going to stick to a kosher diet. >> even the king david hotel, well, it's not going to make any exceptions even if he were to
9:44 am
say i don't want kosher, i want something else. nope, it's going to be kosher period. anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues
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9:47 am
be the first one to see white smoke rise from the chimney there. >> and if the vote is inconclusive, then of course we'll have to wait, black smoke is what this would mean. we're watching the roof very closely. and whatever happens and whatever happens to that bird, we'll bring it to you. >> waiting to hear it cough when the smoke hits it. all right. president obama's visit to israel next week is going to be first as president, a second term of course. >> but he may have a tough time adjusting to the food, particularly at his hotel in jerusalem. >> we're talking about the king david hotel. lovely hotel. it's going to be serving only foods that are kosher? why? because the jewish holiday of passover ends. >> so we know the president loves burgers, well, he loves food all the way around. he may have a hard time however next week since certain foods are off limits at the hotel. >> what are we talking about here? >> we do tend to elect some
9:48 am
rather cash loving presidents, but anybody who is getting prepared for passover at any of these buildings has to eliminate all -- from the building. so that basically is grains that have a chance to ferment. so that would take bread and cookies and cereal and muffins and pasta and everything off the menu as well as some alcoholic beverages as well if they happen to come from sprouting grains. this one's going to hurt the president. no beer's going to be available. anything grain alcohol or whiskey though. i'm sure there will be plenty of kosher wine. >> so these are the banned things. what is allowed? >> well, luckily michelle feeds him plenty of vegetables at home. he's going to be very, very used to that. there are a lot of products made kosher for passover. a lot of my friends in new york coke and pepsi made with real
9:49 am
sugar. >> a bit of historical perspective. the reason that like unleavened bread, why it has to be so. explain to people who don't know. >> okay. so this hotel doesn't just keep kosher, this is preparation to be kosher for passover, which means getting rid of all of these grains that may have basically if they're in touch with water for 18 minutes they may have sprouted. they also have to go through an intensive process to clean all the surfaces that may have come into contact with the forbidden foods during the time. they have to boil water and pour it over surfaces, heat ovens up to a certain temperature and also bring out special instruments and utensils only used during passover. it's part of the ritual. >> all right. good to see you. >> fascinating stuff. >> yeah. unleavened bread is because when the hebrew slaves fled from egypt, the bread did not have
9:50 am
time to rise so no risen breads and pasta makes contact with water. happen to know that. >> we learn a little something every day. i like that. thanks so much, cat. still, no new pope in rome. and, again, that bird remains on the chimney. >> we're watching and so is he. he actually works for us. did you know that? >> that way we'll know first as you will. you're watching cnn.
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
we've been laughing and joking about the sea gull sitting on top of the chimney there at the sistine chapel. breaking news, fred. >> that's right. it now has a twitter handle. >> of course it does. >> yeah. so you can tweet it or it will tweet you back. >> look. we're not kidding. it's got 70 followers now. had 68 a minute ago. it's @15seagull. >> one of the first tweets hanging out at conclave. >> 68 followers already. chad myers just popped out here. we were talking about the bird being choked when the smoke comes out and having a cough. chad told us they heat the chimney to help with the flow of the smoke and put an exhaust fan. so if you see the bird suddenly get a bit startled, that's because the heat is coming out. >> that's right. the bird will know first when
9:54 am
the smoke is on its way. >> the bird is getting to be more publicity than the cardinals. >> it's famous now. it continues to fluff its feathers knowing it's been shown around the world. all eyes are on that seagull. also, all eyes are on jordan today. on the border with syria, refugees there got a visit from british royalty. >> yeah. this is a camp that houses about a thousand people from syria who fled the civil war. you're looking at prince charles, wife camilla. they talk to children and parents and teachers in a makeshift school at the camp. >> the u.n. says about 7,000 refugees cross into jordan from syria every day. >> amazing. jordan has i think like 400,000 syrian refugees at the moment. and syrians in one other city, one city after another of course have had to face the reality of war. >> hala gorani has a new look at this photo essay that follows their lives.
9:55 am
>> reporter: if you had to leave your home and escape to another country, ask yourself what would be the one thing you would take with you? the u.n.'s refugee agency asked syrians that question. documenting their answers in a moving photo essay as over a million refugees have fled borders sharing their personal stories of a brutal civil war. abdul carried with him the keys to his apartment in damascus. he, his wife, daughter and her children fled after his wife was wounded in the fighting. they now live in a plywood shelter in lebanon. he's not sure what's left of his home, but he says he dreams every day of returning. god willing i will see you this time next year in damascus, he says. usef took his mobile phone with him when he fled damascus. he now lives in buildings and says this small piece of technology is his lifeline to
9:56 am
his family. both hearing their voices and seeing pictures he saved on his phone. with this i'm able to call my father, he says. we're close enough to syria here, but i can get a signal from the syrian towers. layla is only 9. after her neighbors were killed, she and her family escaped. their temporary home a partially constructed house in iraq. she took a pair of jeans. when i saw these i knew instantly they were perfect because they have a flower on them and i love flowers. this woman left after her home was damaged. when we left our house we felt the sky was raining bullets, she says of their journey to the turkish border. themadiploma. tomorrow, plans to continue her education in turkey. and the most important item to
9:57 am
take with you doesn't have to be an object. 82-year-old iman says his wife is his most prized possession from his homeland. she's the best woman that i've met in my life, he says. even if i were to go back 55 years, i would choose you again. the couple left their quiet life on a farm in aleppo after their neighbor was killed and nearby homes were looted and set on fire. they are the true faces of syria. lives that will be forever changed, escaping from war, separated from everything they know and hold dear. taking with them their pride, their heritage and a little piece of home. hala gorani, cnn. >> and the snow keeps coming in europe. >> yeah. we're talking about stranded cars, no electricity. some incredible photographs coming up next.
9:58 am
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